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My Story

I'm Sarah - A Broadway Musical Theatre Performer with a passion for Interior Design, Decoration, Home Staging and Transformation. 

Over the past 15 years, alongside a successful career as a performer, I have created a thriving business bringing spaces to life, with a sharp eye for beauty, interior design and decoration, an extensive knowledge of home construction and a deep passion for creating beautiful and inviting spaces. 

I started my business with specific goals in mind: to help create functional dream spaces for clients where they can live, work, or chill out... and to help clients get the maximum sale price for their home with smart, simple and effective staging.

I've traveled the globe, and am extremely versed in relocating, which brings a competitive edge to being able to help people navigate a move, and ultimately find the perfect new home. 

My portfolio shows the scope of my work: I’m a great communicator, extremely energetic, deeply passionate and will always listen to your ideas before suggesting mine. Contact me today so we can start working together soon!

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