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Better late than never… wanting to wish you, a very Happy New Year!

Hello there, time has flown by so fast (crazy, right!?). It's almost the end of January and I've only just had a moment to reflect on the year, and share with you some things to come.

Starting my Real Estate Journey in New York last year was daunting, but thrilling. I'm excited to continue to help as many people as I can with their Real Estate needs in the city and upstate.

I closed 2 deals last year, and have one closing next week. I am grateful for my clients trusting me, and thrilled for them finding their new ( first time, yay ) homes!

I've been doing lots of sit-down consultations with first time home buyers wanting to gather information and “do the numbers” on the possibility of owning in New York, and I LOVE helping these clients realize, they CAN achieve their homeowner dreams. So PLEASE keep sending your friends and colleagues my way, first times or not ;-)

One of the most exciting personal projects for 2023 is that I will be running the London Marathon in April! I am trying to complete the 6 world majors. ( Berlin, Boston, Tokyo, London, Chicago and New York ). Berlin and Boston are already in my pocket, and I was supposed to run new York last year, but I broke my toe ( the night before I started rehearsals for Moulin Rouge ), yes… haha that was not so fun, but in true Sarah Bowden fashion, I recovered in time for my Broadway debut, but I wasn't quite ready to run a marathon. Maybe I'll try again for New York at end of this year :-)

I have started a fundraising page, as I am running to raise money for the “Make a wish foundation UK” All the info on the foundation is on my page, and anything you can spare to donate and help the kids is greatly appreciated.

I am off to Australia in a few weeks, and can't wait to see the family again, after spending the best "Christmas and New Year" in New York with my Mum and Uncle Joey. The older I get, the more I miss being away from home, The climate, the beach and the fam!

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