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It’s Thanksgiving season!I want to say a big THANK YOU to all!

Thank you, to my past and current Sarah Stages clients for trusting me with their homes and their business.

Thank you, to my Sarah Stages team, past and current for helping build my little company to what it is today.

Thank you, to my other team, for getting me to my lifelong dream of dancing on a broadway stage. Including family, mentors, coaches, agents and managers.

Thank you, to my family and closest friends who love and support me unconditionally, making it easy to take big risks that ultimately reap big rewards.

Thank you, to everyone who has reached out this past year with words of support, encouragement and love, I do not take any of these things I am embracing and working on at the moment for granted, and I am grateful for the enormous number of beautiful and generous humans I have met and share memories with along the way.

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