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Sarah Stages - June Newsletter

Updated: May 28, 2022

Happy Beginning of Summer!

School is out, temperatures are already climbing, and I’m feeling those beach and barbecue days fast approaching The early arrival of summer got me thinking of the climate emergency facing us all and what we can do to help. I am passionate about finding ways to live more sustainably. here are a few of my personal tips that might make a little bit of a difference.

Tip #1 - Get a refillable water bottle

It is super important to hydrate during the summer months. Instead of spending money every day on disposable water bottles, consider grabbing a reusable water bottle. Bottles come in loads of prices, colors and designs and many are insulated to keep your water cold! I found this article with some great ideas on sustainable water bottles that hits the spot.

Tip #2 - Enjoy greener vacations

Making your summer vacation a little more green makes all the difference. When searching for a hotel, note that TripAdvisor showcases many green accommodations through their Green Leaders initiative, and keep an eye out for the green seal from the Rainforest Alliance if you are traveling to Central or South America.

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”

—Leo Tolstoy

Tip #3 - Enjoy the outdoors

When it’s steamy outside it becomes harder to unplug the air conditioning, but you won’t regret a trip outside knowing that it’s good for you and for the environment – but make sure you grab a hat and as we say downunder, slap on the suncreen. Enjoy a leisurely bike ride or head to a local park for a few hours during the day. Take chilled water with you and turn off your lights and unplug big appliances this will not only conserve energy but will save you money!

Tip #4 - Be mindful of trash

Barbecues and picnics are staple summer outings. These events can be fun, but it is crucial to be reminded that the park or the beach are vital habitats for all sorts of species and so need our care Always make an effort to leave these places how you found them and when grocery shopping try to go for recyclable containers and lose vegetables instead of opting for plastic wrapped food.

Tip #5 - Eat Healthily, Eat Sustainably

Eat less meat and more veg. Another way to make summer more sustainable could be to consider yummy grilled vegetables instead of defaulting to traditional barbecued meats,. For dessert, make your own popsicles-. Reusable popsicle molds are back in fashion and are sustainable - so what’s not to love and the kids will be way-impressed!

Thank you for Reading

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